title presenter
“Identifying strategies for ESCO based energy efficiency market in India” Amit Khare, Associate ICF International, India
“Lessons learnt in Bundled Municipal energy efficiency projects by energy service companies” Sudha Setty, Alliance to Save Energy, India
“Accelerating ESCO movement in agriculture sector”  Gaurav Bhatiani, USAID, India
“ESCO strategies, policy & program” Y.P Abbi, Energo Engineering Projects Limited, India

title presenter
“Perform in the storm ….: While riding the wave” Bob Dixon, Siemens Industry, Inc., U.S.A
“Scaling-up energy efficiency: The case for a super-ESCO” Dilip R. Limaye, SRC Global Inc, U.S.A
“ESCO system in Korea” Su-Young Huh, Korea Energy Management Corporation(KEMCO), Korea

title presenter
“Recent activity of ESCO industry in Japan and Asian countries” Hidetoshi Nakagami, Jyukankyo Research Institute, Japan”
“ESCO: Making it happen in private sector in India” Milind Chittawar, SEE-Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., India
“Market creation for energy service providers through DSM bidding process” Mahesh Patankar, Independent Energy Efficiency Consultant, India
“ESCO accreditation program in India” Sanjay Seth, Energy Economist, BEE, India
“Localizing Chinese energy efficiency projects” Stephane Grand, SJ Grand, China
Tristan Edmondson, Mint Research, China
“Activities of ESCO in Taiwan” Bill, Huei-Jiunn Chen, Sound air industry Co., LTD., Taiwan

title presenter
“Energy services ? Hotspot Berlin as a national and international role model” Michael Geissler, Berlin Energy Agency, Germany
“Energy performance contracting: Sharing French experience” Robert Angioletti, French Environment and Energy Management Agency, France
“European energy efficiency policy and the ESCO market: the case of Sweden” Christian Stenqvist, Lund University, Sweden
“ESCO, Investor-Owned Utility and Government relationships in California, USA” Emily Schell, Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments Energy Watch, U.S.A
“The sESCO model: Decentralized generation and energy efficiency in EPC contracts” Miguel Matias, Self Energy Group, Portugal

title presenter
“Natural Gas based trigeneration: An energy efficiency option for buildings”  G C Datta Roy, DSCL Energy Services Company Ltd., India
“The management mechanism for energy efficiency of chiller units in Taiwan” Bing-Chwen Yang, ITRI, Taiwan
“High efficiency building air conditioning system” Koji Kanaoka, Daikin Industries, Ltd, Japan
“The Shaw-Method-of-Air-Conditioning (SMAC), The high efficiency HVAC “Process”, The technology presentation and success in ESCO cases that achieved from 25% to 60% energy savings” Peter Phillips, SMAC Technology, Australia
Peerasut Thirakomen, Goldmark Technical Supply Co., Ltd., Thailand

title presenter
“JBIC finance for energy efficiency investment” Takashi Hongo, Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC), Japan
“Inovative financing mechanism for implementation of Energy Efficiency projects” Saurabh Kumar, Secretary, Bureau of Energy Efficiency(BEE), India
“JICA’s approach for energy efficiency finance in India” Keiji Katai, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) India Office, Japan
“Energy efficiency financing by banks and financial institutions: A review of experience of 3CEE project”  Sonalal Datta, Consultant to World Bank, India
“Financing of energy efficiency projects” Dominic Yin, EESCO P2E2 Hong Kong Limited, Hong Kong

title presenter
“Korean Association for ESCOs”
Geunhwan Goh, Korean Association of ESCOs, Korea
“The launch and progress of alliance for an energy efficient economy” Reshmi Vasudevan, Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy, India

title presenter
“How to use M&V for further energy saving” Takamitsu Shibata, Nippon Totor Co., Ltd., Japan
“Solving the EPC-Baseline Problem? The new integral energy contracting model. Design and first success stories” Jan W. Bleyl-Androschin, IEA dsm Task XVI, Austria
“Significance of M & V protocol” Shaikh Shamser Ali, BEE Certified Energy Auditor & Energy Manager, India
“Recipe for developing a winning M&V formula in Indian ESCO projects: Balancing rigor and accuracy with cost-effectiveness and practicality”  Satish Kumar, USAID ECO-III Project, India
“Baseline establishment and development of measurement and verification plan: Challenges” M G Dave, DSCL Energy Services Company Ltd., India
“Dispute mitigation: Standardization of M&V protocol in ESCO agreement” Shubhashis Dey, Sodexo FMS India Private Limited, India

title presenter
“Case study of ESCO for general hospital” Shinsuke Okochi, Yamatake Corporation, Japan
“Upgrading Delhi’s buildings using Australia’s ESCO experience” Stuart Macfarlane, Energy Conservation Systems, Australia
“Cut down heat generation cost by using the waste heat from refuse incineration plant” Kim, Dong-Wook, Seong Lim Industry Co., Ltd., Korea
“Energy efficiency Vadodara Municipal Corporation” Subodh Shah, Vadodara Municipal Corporation, India
“Case study of energy saving performance contract” Sridharan Ragharachar, Online Energy Manager Private Limited, India


30 Sep 2009
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30 Nov. 2009
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14-15, Jan2010
Asia ESCO Conference 2010

HOST of the conference

New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)


Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), Govt of India, New Delhi

Supported by

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), Japan

Ministry of Power (MOP), Govt. of India, New Delh

Japan Association of Energy Service Companies (JAESCO)